• Hello,
  • One hundred seventy five Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders at Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School in Newton will be UNPLUGGED from May 15- May 20, 2017.
  • Lincoln-Eliot Unplugged is a Title 1 supported awareness campaign and a reminder that there is more to life than electronics and what is on the other side of a plug. We are encouraging person to person interaction, health and wellness for our third, fourth and fifth graders and their families.
  • During UNPLUGGED week we will be encouraging our students and families to spend time reading, moving and appreciating family, friends,self and nature.
  • We are writing to invite you to join us on the afternoon of Friday, May 19, 2017 as our third, fourth, and fifth graders place their “kindness rocks” in our school vegetable and flower gardens.
  • Your program has inspired our team to include “appreciating family, friends, and self to our UNPLUGGED initiative.


We hope you will consider joining us!

  • Thank you,
  • Jeanne Conley
  • Title 1 Reading Specialist
  • Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School

Cape Cod Life Magazine
 For some, finding a message of inspiration at just the right time might just change everything. For Megan Murphy—and countless others on the Cape and beyond because of her—these inspiring messages have come in the form of little rocks with big, bold messages. Intrigued? Learn about the Kindness Rocks Project in Cape Cod LIFE’s April issue http://ccl.social/2nZfKXc ( The Kindness Rocks Project ) — with Kindness Rocks.

Name LaRita A Nelson

How Did You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project?  Never have heard of it until my sister found one of your rocks today.

Where? (Location)  We found it in front of Charming Charlies Eastern Shore Center on a Bench.

What inspired you to contact/join TKRP?

That was so inspirational when my sister picked up the beautiful rock and we both read it. We had just got done talking about our Mother who had passed away 2 years ago this month and the rock just cheered us up! It reminded us of how cheerful our mother always was.

What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock?

We were both like “What is that?” and our mouths dropped when we read it and it made us happy!

What did the rock have written on it? (You can attach pictures below)

Footprints in the Sand! Attached is the picture of my sister who found it! Tracy Barnes!

How DId You Hear About The Kindness Rocks Project?

Looked it up after i found a rock.

Where Did You Find a Rock?

Randomly Placed

Where? (Location)

Seattle, WA (Salmonbay)

What inspired you to contact/join TKRP?

I wanted to share how much this meant to me.

What was your initial reaction or impression when you stumbled upon the rock?

I was excited I found a rock for me. I was happy because the statement was perfect for my situation. I almost cried.

What did the rock have written on it? (You can attach pictures below)

You Got This

Any other thoughts, emotions comments, stories…

I am going through Chemo for Colon cancer right now. On Wednesdays I am at the Dr’s office for Chemo treatment and I leave with a pack to intravenously drip chemo on Thursday and Friday. I found the rock on a Thursday as I was getting out of my car on a “Chemo at work day” and saw a rock with “You got this” hand painted on it. What a perfect inspirational message as I am trying to work and do Chemo at the same time.

FIRST of all THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I was a Kindergarten/First Grade teacher for 35 years. I used the bucket filler program in my classroom. (Hopefully you are aware of that program) I am now retired and felt like I needed to do something to carry that program into the world and wasn’t sure how to do it. Then Cape Cod magazine arrived! YAHOOOOO! WE visit the Cape almost every summer and stay in Chatham, had been to your jewelry store I think. Anyway I have joined and will begin the endeavor here in DE. I would like to concentrate on shelters, hospitals and the cancer center where I was treated 15 years ago. I began collecting heart rocks 15 years ago and placing them in jars and bowls and any way I could on display in my house to remind myself of the love available in nature. Again thank you! L.E.

Hi L.E.,

Thank you so much for reaching out to after reading the article in Cape Cod Life Magazine. I am so happy you enjoyed the article. I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention the project has received as it started as an anonymous personal hobby , however, many have now joined and it has become somewhat of a much larger movement.  I never imagined that it would take this course, however I am grateful to be able to touch so many others with one idea of promoting simple acts of kindness. I think your idea is great, shelters, hospitals, etc. are great places to share the inspiration. I am corresponding currently with a woman in a shelter in the Bronx NY who wants to join us, and I told her to simply begin by leaving positive messages for others in the shelter on scrap paper, hidden in plain sight for others to find. This truly is a wonderful way to make a small difference in the lives of others. I am so happy to be a part of that, even if I have to move out of my personal comfort zone to lead this movement. Please keep me in the loop through email, on your efforts, as they will inspire me and countless others.

Kindly, M.M. The Kindness Rocks Project

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding” Albert Einstein

Peace, love and understanding can only be achieved when we seek to create for the common good. We must be mindful to the needs and opinions of others to become an agent for peace. It is the mission of TKRP to bring light to that process. Our main purpose is to promote kindness, whether with Kindness rocks or other cool unexpected random ways. That is our main goal! If you do choose to participate in placing Kindness rocks, it is IMPORTANT to be mindful of that process. Please visit https://lnt.org/ and ahere to their rules and regulations. Seek & receive permission from your local town to create inspirational rock garden installations. Dropping 1 rock with encouraging words on it in a public place can be inspirational, dropping hundreds could undo any good intentions you have created. This project has grown in great numbers from a simple hobby of one to a movement of many. BE MINDFUL and BE RESPECTFUL of others, as that is what true kindness and peace is all about.  


Amazing how this Project has grown…this week 17,000 people will have joined us on Facebook and nearly 4,000 on Instagram! The goal is to spread the idea of initiating simple acts of kindness and make the world a happier place:) It’s pretty amazing that the energy and efforts of many can create a movement for positive change…at a time when our world needs it most.

Keep up the amazing work and continue planting seeds of kindness, remember…your legacy is every life you touch!